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99.36 MKII Floor stander - available in Gloss Black or Gloss White

"The XTZ 99.36 FLR represents astonishing high-end-value with tunability and silky smooth dynamics."

So how is it distinguished from other speakers in this price bracket?

How about:

Seas Excel's best 6.5" mid bass driver

Woofer from SEAS prestige series

Tri-wire and tri-amp options - drive the bass separately!

High Power handling with updated crossover filters and improved PCB quality

4 levels of bass adjustability

High end Fountek Ribbon tweeter for a sweet top end.



When the XTZ 99.36 was constructed the resulting quality of the loudspeaker had a greater importance than the cost. Still, XTZ claim that with the right skills and production volume, it is possible to obtain true High End quality without ending up with a price so high that only a few people can afford.

* Use extreme performance drivers
* High End reproduction
* Components at the highest possible mechanical quality
* Relatively small cabinet
* Timeless and clean design
* Very flexible with lots of adjustment options

Technical presentation

The 99.36 is a three way construction with internal crossover filter.

The cabinet is built using a narrow front - not only an aestetically neat shape, but also an advantage from an acoustic point of view as it provides a stable construction to keep resonances to a minimum.

XTZ have have used 25 mm MDF with several internal stability bars to obtain top stability. The midrange and woofers use separate chambers. This way, they have been able to optimize the chamber volumes for the midrange and bass drivers. Also, the midrange driver can operate without any interference from the woofer.


XTZ have selected a ribbon tweeter with superior transient response and a very flat frequency response. Ribbon tweeters are frequently used in high end speakers.

The ribbon cone is super light and only 18 microns thin. It is a rosin-aluminium-rosin sandwich construction that has been hardened at 320 degrees celsius.

The magnet system is a two row highly efficient neodynium construction in a moulded chassis of ceramical carbon steel.

Fishbone shaped contactors in aluminium provide a low connection resistance and good heat dissipation.

The driver has a high power capacity and handles frequencies up to 40000 Hz which makes it DVD-Audio and SACD-ready.

Woofer/Midrange driver

This high-quality drivers from the "Excel" production series brings an elegant, lightweight magnesium cone and measures 18 cm.

Not only very light but also very stiff, this membrane, which means that only small masses have to be moved, but a precise deflection even under high loads is also made possible by the high rigidity of the material.

The first-class rubber surround helps to reduce resonances effectively. The basket is made of cast aluminum, it is flow-optimized and non-magnetic. Of course, no lack of the bass / midrange and a strong magnet system.

The short-circuit ring made of solid copper, in front and behind the pole plate, the distortion is down further.

Woofer driver

The bass driver is also a Seas unit, but a classic coated paper type, well known for its performance at a very good price/performance ratio. The coated paper membrane is very light, yet rigid with a minimum of resonances and a controlled roll off.

The rubber suspension ensures that edge resonances are suppressed. The cast basket is a high flow type with very good precision. The construction is very stable and completely non magnetic to obtain high effiency. A powerful magnet paired with the light cone provides good transient response.


There are tuning options included to enable you to adjust the tweeter/bass level to match your listening room and preferences.

Binding post
The tri-wiring connectors are goldplated and you can connect to the amplifier with double cables (bi-wiring), or connect to two amplifiers (bi-amping) for further improving the sound. This would need active filters.

Room Tuning - Mechanical boundary frequency control

By using the supplied bass reflex plugs, it is possible to mechanically alter the lower boundary frequency on XTZ 99.36 FLR

This makes it possible to drastically alter the sound character of the speaker. You can choose from eight different sound shapes in the bass range by using the bass plugs.

Sealed or bass reflex

With the plugs inserted the speaker operates as a sealed construction.








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