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Anthem MRX520

Price - £1,649


Includes delivery by hand, full setup and calibration in your home by ourselves including Room Correction! This offer is available to those within a maximum 30 mile radius.

High-End Multichannel A/V Receivers with ARC 1M Anthem Room Correction.

7 channels: 100 watts per channel. IP and RS-232 control. 7 rear and one front-panel HDMI input, dual HDMI outputs. 4K upscaling and pass-through. Advanced Load Monitoring keeps an eye on output. Robust IP and RS-232 control. Remote control apps for iOS (Apple) and Android.

Best A/V Receivers on the Market

Why choose an A/V receiver? With an A/V receiver, everything you need to drive a music and home cinema system is contained in one component. They are a space-saving, cost-effective alternative to separates (i.e. a preamplifier, A/V processor and separate external power amplifier). Anthem MRX receivers continue to win awards for their sound quality and ease of integration, and best of all, include ARC™—the Anthem Room Correction system. Read more about this exciting technology below.

MRX receivers do it all! Now in their second generation, they are a simple, direct and economical route to outstanding music and home cinema.

Enhancements to GEN 2, at a glance*

* Enhancements apply to all models unless otherwise stated.


MRX Features



Custom Installation

Additional Features

Why ARC Remains The Best Room Correction System On The Market

What’s New in ARC 1M

  • Connects via ethernet.
  • A higher level of digital signal processing allows for even greater precision in correction curves.
  • Print ‘before and after’ room-measurement graphs.

Why ARC continues to be important

Even when the finest speakers are perfectly positioned, the room can have a dramatic impact on sound quality. Room dimensions, dead spots, archways, even furniture can turn a room into an additional instrument adding unwanted colouration and resonances.

ARC adjusts for the room’s effect on the speakers in a way that mimics our hearing. This way your Anthem gear and Paradigm speakers can do what they do best: allow you to lose yourself in the music or movie.

How does ARC do what it does?

  • ARC analyses each speaker’s in-room response then sets output levels, crossover frequencies and correction parameters for each.
  • ARC applies correction for up to 7 channels plus the sub!
  • Unlike other room correction systems, ARC allows for multiple microphone measurements. Multiple mic positions allow for peaks and nulls to be identified allowing for far more accurate room correction.
  • ARCuracy! The connected PC’s 64-bit floating point processor calculates the correction curves to the n’th degree of accuracy.
  • Separate configurations for music, movies or any other application where more than one configuration is useful.
  • ARC applies correction to peaks and dips in room response – a far more natural and accurate response tackling both!
  • Fully automated or manual setup – with ARC you choose!








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