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Anthem MRX1120

Price - 4,3999 GBP Now Available

Includes delivery by hand, full setup and calibration in your home by ourselves including Room Correction! This offer is available to those within a maximum 30 mile radius. This includes setting up 2 inputs of your choice. This does not include the installation of speaker cable to speakers. Please contact us for further information.

Anthem are set to introduce their first set of Atmos/DTS-X enabled receivers which will benefit from Anthem's very own award winning room correction system.

The MRX 1120 will process and power all 11 channels for immersive audio goodness without the requirement for an external amplfier.

Further particulars to follow shortly.

11 Amplification Channels
Front HDMI
DTS-X (Software Update)
Dolby Atmos
Up to 7.1.4 speakers or 5.1.4 plus zone 2
Seven rear HDMI inputs (including one with MHL support),
Three optical
Two coaxial
Five stereo analog inputs
Two parallel HDMI outputs, (including one with Audio Return Channel)
Optical output that passes through optical and coaxial input
Pre-outs for all channels including two parallel subwoofer outputs
Line output
Zone 2 output




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