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JBL 3677 Screen Channel Loud speaker

Price - £792

On demo in our theatre now!

Epic Home Cinema are proud to present an unconventional yet exceptionally affordable alternative to the home cinema speaker... Never previously offered to the UK Consumer market comes the JBL Cinema Pro Series of speakers. An authentic Cinema standard speaker often found in Commercial cinemas and large private screening rooms.

Only 11" deep so little space is taken up behind a screen. Uncompromised in depth and intended for placement behind a screen.

When looking at these speakers ask yourself these fundamental questions:

Do you have a dedicated room and desire a sound that replicates a commercial cinema and nothing less?

Do you want serious midbass slam and substantial headroom with upto 99db efficiency?

Do you have around 11" behind your screen to place your speakers?


This speaker series is the actual series you'd find in a commercial cinema. If you yearn for a pro cinema speaker this may be it.  Cinematic thump and addictive mid bass slam with heaps of headroom.

We'll be frank, these won't work for everyone. They require careful placement and perhaps some treatment to make them sing. Don't let that put you off. If you do however want a home Cinema Speaker that has the aesthetics and great sound consider the XTZ Cinema range.

Get in touch for an unrushed demo!

The JBL 3677 Cinema Screen Channel System provides natural sound quality for music and dialog in small cinema applications. The convenient all in- one enclosure requires no field assembly, simplifies set-up, and reduces labor costs. Enclosure design is extremely shallow in depth (292 mm; 11.5 inches), to minimize the space required behind the screen. The high-frequency section consists of the JBL 2416-1 pure titanium compression driver and 2373 Flat Front Bi-Radialhorn. The titanium diaphragm of the 2416-1 ensures natural sound and reliability, mandatory in today’s motion picture theatres. The 2373 horn provides smooth, even coverage throughout the auditorium. The low frequency driver is the JBL 2035H, which provides an exceptional match for system power handling and frequency response in the crossover region. The newly-designed passive crossover network is optimized to provide a seamless transition between driver components, for clear, articulate dialog, and high fidelity music reproduction. A protection circuit ensures that all components operate within their optimal power handling range, to ensure many years of high reliability performance

Key Features

Frequency Range: 40 Hz to 20 kHz (–10 dB) Sensitivity: 99 dB Power Capacity: 250 watts Low frequency transducer: One 380 mm (15 in.) low frequency driver High frequency transducer: 25 mm (1 in.) horn throat diameter, 44 mm (1.75 in.) pure titanium diaphragm compression driver Newly designed passive network with driver protection circuit All in one enclosure for simple installation Shallow profile cabinet minimizes behind-screen space requirements

quhind-screen space requirements


Technical Specs

Frequency range (–10 dB)

40 Hz to 20 kHz

Frequency response (± 3 dB)

45 Hz to 12 kHz

Power capacity1 (system)

250 W continuous pink noise


99 dB (1W, 1m)

Nominal impedance

8 ohms

Crossover frequency

1.2 kHz

Nominal coverage

908 horizontal, 408 vertical

Half-space reference efficiency


Maximum acoustic power output (sine wave input)

7 acoustic watts

System Polarity

Positive voltage to RED produces forward cone motion

Input connectors

Barrier strip, screw terminals

Net system weight

39 kg (85 lbs)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

765 x 651 x 292 mm (30.125 x 25.625 x 11.5 inches)



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