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A few important considerations


The choice of screen will depend on it's location. Generally, if you decide to proceed to set up a dedicated home cinema within your property a fixed projection screen makes complete sense. It looks totally cool on the wall and makes a statement to those that enter - this room is for watching movies!.





In a living room environment a fixed screen isn't ideal unless you're divorced and don't have to deal with that all important 'wife acceptance factor'.  In such a scenario, a retractable screen is ideal.  Such a screen could either be retracted manually or via remote/wall switch/rs232.






Should you choose to install a projector in the living room it's worth bearing in mind that a retracted screen could be neatly concealed in a pelmet or against a joist above the ceiling (dependant on the direction of joists and the level of bracing.





A pelmet is a simple option and can be prepared either by your self or through us by instruction. Feel free to give us a ring to discuss your options.




Should you choose to install a fixed screen in a dedicated theatre it is advisable to place your speakers behind the screen at ear height. An acoustically transparent screen would be required in this regard.  Why not build a screen using our exclusive Filmex acoustically transparent fabric? It's a cheaper option for the diy enthusiast and the resulting screen would cost a fraction of what you'd pay for a branded screen. Give us a call to discuss.




Are you concerned about ambient light in a living room environment? Not keen to turn down all the lights when you watch a movie? Well the Draper React 2.1 screen is for you! Come and demo the screen at our facilities and make up your own mind.




Available to DEMO now:


Draper React 2.1 screens - IDEAL for the living room environment. Contact us for pricing.







Filmex - Our very own acoustically  transparent fabric for the DIY enthusiast.  Available at only £20 a metre. There is a  3 metre minimum purchase requirement.  Please note, 2 layers of Filmex are  required for any screen. One on top of  another.

Check out a recent Filmex install by an AVForums member by clicking






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