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Room Analyser II Manual



XTZ Room Analyzer II / XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro are the new and improved, Easy-to-use versions of the well renowned XTZ Room Analyzer. With brand new high quality microphone and updated software with improved algorithms XTZ remains your number one option for room analysis!

There are 2 versions to choose from. Standard or Pro.

    Choose the Standard version if you want to use XTZ Room Analyzer for:

Choose the Pro version if in the addition to the above you'd like to do the following:


Using the Roomo Analyser

A plotted curve shows the average frequency response of the room.

Room Analyzer
“Found Room Modes” gives information about the found problems and what countermeasures to consider.
Frequency range: 16 - 250Hz


Real Time Frequency Analysis - RTA
Real Time Analyzer (RTA).
Shows the frequency response in one place, with 1/3 octave resolution.
Frequency range: 16 - 20000Hz
Settings downloadable to compatible XTZ DSP products

Frequency Response - SPL
Full spectrum FFT measurement

2D Waterfall plot for room reverberation analysis
Frequency range: 16 - 20000Hz
Time: 0 - 200 ms

SPL meter
Accurate SPL meter with selectable average lengths and frequency weighting.
Displays continuous and maximum peak values along with selected meter averages.

Delay Alignment
The new Delay Alignment tool is used for time alignment of sound sources. By measuring the time difference of sound coming from speakers and subwoofer, appropriate adjustments to your subwoofers position or phase settings can be made.

Everything you need is included!
Microphone, software, sound card and cables are all included and ready to begin room analysis using your HiFi system!







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