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Room Analyser II Pro Quick Guide

The Pro version of XTZ's awesome Room Analyser

The XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro is a complete room acoustic analysis and calibration system which offers an easy solution to analyze, calibrate, and optimize your home theater or Hi-Fi sound system and remains your number one option for room analysis! You no longer have to spend countless hours researching and trying to get various pieces of hardware and software to work with one another. The XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro provides a complete turn key system with everything you need in a convenient package. The XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro includes a wide array of advanced features and tool sets yet is easy enough for the average home theater or Hi-Fi enthusiast to use. In the Room Analyzer mode the program will also provide suggestions and list information about the room modes found within the 16 – 250 Hz frequency range after a measurement is taken. The room analyzer kit includes everything you would need in order to measure and calibrate your sound system. The Room Analyzer II Pro kit contains the full blown analyzer and calibration software suite, a high grade precision microphone, the interface to the computer with an integrated microphone pre-amplifier, all the cables, a microphone stand, and an aluminum carrying case.

The XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro kit includes a full featured professional acoustic analysis software program, a high precision aluminum body electret microphone with a tolerance of +/- 1db and a custom tailored microphone pre-amp with a built in high grade ADC (analog to digital converter) that interfaces with the computer via USB 2.0. The analysis kit also contains a microphone stand, all the necessary interconnects needed to connect the system to the computer and receiver/amplifier, and an aluminum carrying case for all the components. The microphone has been calibrated with built in software compensation yielding a flat frequency response across the 16Hz to 20 KHz frequency spectrum. The system’s bandwidth for the RTA function is 20-20KHz, for the Room Analyzer function it’s 16-250 Hz, and for the Full Range analysis function it’s 20Hz – 20 KHz. The system utilizes a Parametric EQ with variable Q for its filter type and for its measurement method it uses Chirp (log sine sweep) and FFT. The included software features a Room Analyzer, a 1/3 Octave RTA (Real Time Analyzer), a color 2D waterfall Spectrogram, a Full Range view selectable as either a 3D or 2D waterfall plot, the capability to measure RT60 Reverberation/decay time, and a Delay Alignment tool. Measurements can be conducted in 1 or 3 steps and up to 4 measurement charts can be overlaid in order to compare system parameter changes. The Room Analyzer II Pro software provides recommendations for parametric EQ settings which can be played back through its Stimulus EQ tool in order to hear and measure the difference. Adding to the toolset are Export functions, a Tone Generator which outputs sine wave/pink noise/white noise, and an advanced SPL meter with adjustable settings for measuring in A/C/ Z frequency weighting scales, full frequency or peak/average, and options for peak/hold or fast/low measurements.

Software features by Standard and Pro versions

 Feature  Application  Std   Pro 
16-300Hz high resolution frequency response Analysis of peaks and dips due to room modes and speaker boundary interference. Yes Yes
16-300Hz frequency response measurement overlays Allows overlay of multiple measurements on the 16-300Hz frequency response display 1 4
16-300Hz frequency response measurement smoothing options - 1/2, 1/3, 1/6 and 1/12 octave View your frequency response at different smoothing levels to see broad trends and specific issues No Yes
32 band Real Time audio Analyzer (RTA) Real time monitoring of frequency response whilst adjusting speaker/listener positions, EQ, subwoofer crossover or other system controls. Yes Yes
Full range 20Hz-20kHz frequency response Measurement of loudspeaker performance and identification of faulty drivers. Yes Yes
Full range 20Hz-20kHz 2D waterfall Identification of flutter echo and speaker / structural resonances; analysis of spectral balance of reflections Yes Yes
Full range 20Hz-20kHz 3D waterfall As above No Yes
Full range 20Hz-20kHZ selectable windowing Choose from 4, 8 and 300ms impulse response envelopes to focus in on the speaker, reflections or room modes No Yes
6 band T60 Quickly identify if your room is too live or too dead No Yes
16-300Hz 2D waterfall / cumulative spectral decay (CSD) / sonogram Analysis of modal resonances and how sound pressure level decays with time. No Yes
Automatic room mode identification and generation of compensating EQ Add the Q, center frequency and gain of the parametric filters identified to your EQ  for easy room correction Yes Yes
Unique parametric filter emulation / 'Stimulus EQ' mode Allows definition of upto 9 bands of parametric EQ filters in software, and then measures your system through those fitlers, enabling rapid filter prototyping No Yes
Post EQ frequency response display on 16-300Hz chart See the effects of EQ filters before you implement them Yes Yes
Post EQ spectogram See how EQ filters affect the low frequency modal decay No Yes
Tone generator - white noise, pink noise and sine waves Integrate subwoofers, understand room mode distribution and optimize  speaker position No Yes
SPL meter - A, B, Z (flat) weightings, peak hold, slow / fast averaging Calibrate your AVR / Pre-Pro and integrate subwoofers Yes Yes
Unique 'delay alignment' tool Identifies differences in propagation times speaker and subwoofer (or two other sound sources) enabling optimization of positioning and AVR delays Yes Yes


Runs on Windows only

A computer (PC) running Windows XP, Vista or 7 is required to operate the software package. It will also run on a Mac with Bootcamp or Fusion (not on OSX!). One USB port is required to connect up the measurement microphone and external soundcard. The software must be downloaded using the provided serial number found on the packaging from the XTZ support page. The software can be re-downloaded at anytime if needed.








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