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Sony VW500 Price: £8,799

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Imagine the fully immersive cinematic quality of 4K in your own home. The VPL-VW500ES home cinema projector gives you a 4096 x 2160 resolution picture, over four times better than Full HD. It’s just like being at the movies. The exceptionally high dynamic contrast ratio of 200,000:1 with 1,700 ANSI lumens brightness produces stunning detail and rich, faithful colour – even in well-lit rooms.


Get the very best from your 2D and 3D discs
While more and more native 4K material is becoming available, the VPL-VW500ES uses Reality Creation technology to upscale Full HD content for an incredible 4K experience. This Super Resolution feature means you’ll get the very best from your current Blu-ray Disc™ library, with fuller colour, greater clarity and more impact than ever before.

Compact and user-friendly
The VPL-VW500ES is easy to operate, with a variety of control modes so you get the very best picture, whatever you’re watching. With a smaller optical engine than the leading 4K projector, the VPL-VW1000ES, its compact design also offers even greater flexibility for installation.

4K native resolution: over 4x better than Full HD
No compromises: the VPL-VW500ES provides 4096 x 2160 4K resolution (the DCI standard in digital cinemas). Sony used their professional cinema expertise
to develop 4K SXRD panels and produce a 4K native picture with no artificial enhancement of pixels.

The VPL-VW500’s optical engine and SXRD panels incorporate our TRILUMINOS Display technology to produce a much broader colour range, reproducing more tones and textures than a standard projector system. The result is greater purity, depth and realism.

New Motionflow
They have enhanced their Motionflow technology. ‘Combination’ mode uses their ‘Film Projection’ and ‘Motion Enhancer’, adding frames to reduce blur and maintain brightness in thrilling, fast-moving scenes. Cinema purists can choose ‘True Cinema’ to retain the original 24 frames per second.

Ultra high contrast ratio and brightness
Drawing on optical technology developed for the VPL-VW1000ES, Sony achieved both high brightness (1,700 ANSI lumens) and high contrast (200,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio) in the VPL-VW500ES. So, you’ll see crystal-clear, bright, detail-packed images – even in well lit rooms.

Advanced SXRD panels
4K digital drive panels minimise the space between pixels in every frame with an incredible response rate of 2.5-milliseconds. That’s much faster, and more stable, than an LCD TV and produces ultra-smooth, dot-free pictures with natural, fluid movement – whatever the action.

Industry standard RF 3D compatible
A built-in RF transmitter synchronises with any RF 3D glasses for wider coverage, greater stability, and there’s no need for an external transmitter.

Reality Creation: upscales your movies to 4K
As well as native 4K material, you can see your current Full HD Blu-ray™ or DVD movie collection upscaled for a 4K experience. Reality Creation is a Super Resolution technology that radically enhances Full HD content, even upscaling 3D movies for 4K.

Compatible with ‘Mastered in 4K’ Blu-ray™ discs
Drawing on the same technology used to downscale 4K material for Full HD, the VPL-VW500ES gives you a near native 4K experience with discs ‘Mastered in 4K’. It’s as close as you can get to the 4K-pixel resolution and expanded colour range of the original.

The latest 4K/60p HDMI standard: 60 frames per second
The VPL-VW500ES can show up to 60 frames per second in 4K (at colour signal YUV 4:2:0 / 8 bit). It’s the new 4K industry standard and is much higher than the earlier 24p. The result is a smoother image with superior colour and realism.

Compact design
A smaller optical engine means the VPL-VW500ES is approximately 18cm shorter in length than our leading projector, the VPL-VW1000ES, so there’s greater flexibility for installation.

Front-facing fan
Because the fan is positioned at the front, you don’t need to worry about wall space and room for air inhale/exhaust when you install. This helps maximize the throw distance for bigger projected images.

Wider zoom and shift lens
A 2.06 motorised zoom lens and wide lens shift range of up to 85% vertical and 31% horizontal gives greater installation flexibility – even when the ceiling is very high.

Suitable for home automation
The VPL-VW500ES is compatible with many home automation systems. It has an RS232 interface, RJ45 control, and IR-IN terminal.

Manual HSV Colour Correction
A correction tool allows you to adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of each colour to get exactly the picture you want.

Auto calibration
After extended periods, colour can be automatically calibrated to the original factory condition. There’s no need for extra calibration equipment or cameras; a built-in colour sensor stores all the necessary information.

Picture Position Memory
This feature remembers the position of the zoom lens. You can match it to a movie’s aspect ratio (including 16:9 and Cinemascope) and store the settings for a future viewing.

Electronic panel alignment
Ensures the red and blue elements in each pixel are precisely positioned against green. Adjustments can be made by as little as 0.1 pixels for optimum clarity.

Wireless option (up to Full HD 60p)
Free yourself from cables and keep things tidy with an optional wireless HDMI emitter/ receiver kit. The VPL-VW500ES can wirelessly connect to your games console, Blu-ray™ Disc player and more, and upscales for a 4K experience with Reality Creation.

USB updates
To get the best from your projector, the VPL-VW500ES has a USB port for the latest firmware updates.









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