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SUB 10.17

The new SUB 17-series is an update on the 16-Series, that for several years has been among the most popular subwoofers on the market. It meant a clear challenge to create an improved version of something so popular. With the new series, XTZ have managed to create a modern cabinet design that has a higher finish and robust construction but also better performance. SUB 17-series has a newly developed woofer with high transient speed through a lightweight yet very rigid diaphragm and a very strong “motor”. The newly developed amplifier uses the latest Class D technology and can deliver 500 watts RMS, providing a riveting control on the membrane and simultaneously is many times more energy efficient than previously used amplifier technology.

SUB .17 Series Features


- Long stroke / high speed driver 
- High sound pressure level for its size 
- High efficiency class D amplifier optimized for low     distortion & excellent sound quality   
- Stable cabinet, reinforced with thick bars 
- Room tuning for adaptation to different rooms
- 3 EQ settings
- 4 bass characters
- Selectable bass reflex or sealed construction 
- XLR Balanced input/Direct Pass-thru

Cabinet Construction



To ensure that there are no resonances within the cabinet that affect the sound quality, a large effort was made to construct the cabinet as stable as possible. The walls are constructed out of 25 mm thick MDF and reinforced with thick bracing. The Inside of cabinet is also well treated with multiple layers of acoustical damping material. The box has an optimized volume for the driver which gives it the perfect air resistance. This leads to the highest SPL in low frequencies with maximum head room from the amp. Too small or too big boxes leads to over damped or underdamped boxes that increase the distortion. A box with an optimal volume has low distortion and the widest frequency response possible and it means the subwoofer reaches the lowest and deepest bass with a clean sound.

High speed Bass driver



XTZ call this a low-mass, long throw driver “high speed” because they use a very light and stiff cone material and a very strong motor (magnet) structure which provides an incredibly fast driver. It can produce amazing sound pressure levels with great dynamics and yet remain precise and true to the original music. The team spent years finding the perfect cone material since the combination of weight and stiffness is one of the most critical factors in a driver construction. The material they found which managed to meet all requirements is made out of a very strong, long fiber pulp blend. The cone was also fitted with NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) surround to be able to make the necessary ultra-long strokes needed to meet their high requirements on sound pressure.Additional advantages of the custom designed driver include:

-FEA Optimized magnetic field design incorporating a tightly focus “T” pole design
-Advanced level of large signal motor and suspension refinement using KLIPPEL laser based test system
-Large aluminum shorting ring to minimize inductance and further lower non-linear distortion
-Ultra high temp aluminum voice coil with Airflow Maximizer Design
-Special NBR rubber surround with maximum linearity throughout its excursion range
-Spider fabricated from unique blend of poly-cotton and pure NOMEX Long stroke driver

Class-D Amplifier




SUB .17 uses the same type of Class-D amplifier as in XTZ's multi award winning Cinema Subwoofer Series. It has an extraordinary high power output for the driver. 200 W for SUB 8.17, 500 W for SUB 10.17 and SUB 12.17 with almost 2 times that in peak wattage output whenever it is needed. In contrast to many other class-D amplifiers, the design has a near ideal clipping characteristics which ensures maximum headroom capability by minimizing the use of limiting circuitry. An unprecedented amount of details and maximum performance is the result of years of design refinement.

Digital Signal Processing

This amp features an advanced DSP processor. Our DSP gives the amp unmatched control over the driver at all levels with two EQ settings so it can be optimized for your taste with a more refined behaviour.

Room tuning



Choose between sealed or ported design

The bass character can be altered by plugging the reflex ports of the subwoofer with the included foam bungs. Even further optimization can be made by 2 EQ settings and of course by adjusting the phase, crossover frequency and volume. 





Technical Specification

Driver: 10” High speed Driver 
Frequency Response  (+/-3dB) : 20 Hz - 160 Hz (Ported), 26 Hz - 160 Hz (Closed)
Variable low pass: 40 - 160 Hz  Crossover 24 dB/Octave
Phase: 0 - 180 ° (Variable)Amp Power 500 Watt RMS, 800 Watt Peak Power
Inputs: L & R Unbalanced RCA, LFE, Unbalanced RCA, Balanced XLR, Program Port
Warranty(Speaker): Five Years
Warranty(Amplifier): Two Years
Dimensions (HxWxD): 420 x 320 x 380 mm
Weight: 19,5 kg




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