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"We appreciate that the economy is driven on word of mouth.   People seek out referrals and ask for references all the time from friends, families, neighbours and through online communities. The referral is a story and if it is a good story, that is one that results in business, well that it is a testimonial waiting to happen."

You'll find below some recent testimonials.


"The first thing that strikes you as you enter the room, before anything is switched on, is the sheer size of the screen. Don't believe those sympathetic murmurings from your better-half that 'size doesn't matter' - it most certainly does! If you're still using a TV for movie watching, sorry, you're not just 'not in the same league', but you're playing a totally different game! - I should point out that I'm including myself in that last statement!"

So much was demo'd, I don't want to go on and on, but Jag was the perfect host and showed me many different facets of his setup. From the comparison between Darbee processing and the Sony projector's Reality Creation, to the most impressive 3D effects on a large screen (it's the first time I've actually ducked - twice, watching any 3D material!) Again, size matters, as 3D on a TV just doesn't cut it - it actually works really well on Jag's system."  


"Just purchased a Sony HW55ES from Jag. Stunning demo room. Jag allowed me to compare projectors and took me through all the features as requested plus more! Thanks so much! I'll be returning for the 4k in due course" - Rajesh Rai - Ealing


"It's always even better when you come across people who have your best intentions at heart." - Chris from Manchester

"I bought a very nice anamorphic lens from Jag for a great price. But what impressed me most was the sheer generosity with his time that Jag gave me. We relaxed in his 'Epic' home cinema and he put the lens through its paces, giving me as much time as I needed to help me make up my mind. It was an unhurried and enjoyable experience and I am sure we will do business together again. Jag really knows his stuff and he is more than happy to explain, guide and help - all without any hint of pressure to buy. Highly recommended."             Keith, Grantham.


"What a superb demo, and a gentleman to boot. A superb presentation of what different projectors can do. Well worth a trip from Ireland, thank you Jag!"     - Willie Shaw, Ireland


"I ended up buying the XTZ Cinema series, as well as the Anthem MRX310 on the spot. Now I must say that I’m not sure whether Jag is a brilliant sales person, or the worse one I’ve ever seen. I say that, because Jag never tried to sell me anything more than I needed." - Colin, Reading


I bought three of the Epic cinema seats from Jag and I am delighted with the quality and the price, which was less expensive than other suppliers are asking for the same seats. The seats are fabulous and they really do give a true ‘cinema feel’ to a home cinema, as well as taking up less room than many competitive seats, thus allowing for more seats in a given space. I was impressed with Jag’s overall service, even extending to the offer of my wife and myself visiting Jag’s own HT room to watch a full move while evaluating the comfort of the chairs. This is terrific service ‘above and beyond’ what one might expect and is, in my experience as a former customer, typical of Jag’s hospitality and great customer care. Thanks again Jag - you have added considerably to the enjoyment of my cinema! - Keith B.


"Thanks to Jag who is an absolute legend of a guy and now a friend of mine for all his help and extensive demoing and home setup. Treat your self boys you wont be disapointed!!!!!" - Paul, Canterbury


"I now have an epic home cinema! Jag went above and beyond what is required or expected from anyone in this industry. The fact he spent 8 hours of his own time at my house ensuring everything was perfect with my system, including the screen, was way above what I expected and am seriously grateful.

Jag is an absolute credit to this industry and a thoroughly decent chap too. He certainly delivers on his company name!
Thanks Jag and thanks XTZ/Denon/Filmex! The family and I will now have many enjoyable hours with our new room without ever having to visit the cinema again! " - James, Kent






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