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Price - £1,400 a pair

Master M2 - An award winning Refined high-end speaker


Master M2 - HI-FI WORLD Magazine (UK)

November 2015

"OUTSTANDING - amongst the best"    "Now I could hear what the XTZs are capable of – which is an exceptionally smooth, sophisticated sound which majors on detail and insight as opposed to artificially extended highs or lows."  - Jon Myles

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Master M2 - Hi-Fi Choice Magazine (UK)

Score: 5/5     "It seems to be a deal brokered in heaven: power with a sense of poise and control I never find wanting"

- Hi-Fi Choice Magazine


Master M2 is a truly unique product in the audio world: a compact loudspeaker designed whith all aspect of a high end 
speaker but in a price point that is uniqe for this industry. Master M2 is build whithout compromise to achieve a perfect high 
grade 2-ways speaker whith in its demention.
High density Cabinet in Polymeryzation of Epoxy & Polyurethane
M2 is constructed using non-resonant, high-density and very uniqe material whith 40% higher desity compare to MDF.
Cross braces is added to further reduce cabinet resonance. Main ingrediants of this unique material are Epoxy,
Polyurethane, Potassium carbonate and organic bubbles. This give M2 a extremely stable cabinet whith minimum of
resonances in the cabinet .
The cabinet is built using a narrow front - not only an aestetically neat shape, but also an advantage from an acoustic point 
of view as it provides a stable construction whith non parallel walls to keep resonances to a minimum.
SEAS new 6,5” Curv mid/woofer
The mid/woofer driver is a development corperation between SEAS and XTZ. Seas 60 years of experience plus 
XTZ experience supports this driver. New Curv cone, a woven polypropylene with excellent internal damping together with 
perfectly matched moving parts gives a smooth, extended frequency response. Curv® is the world’s first self-reinforced 
100% polypropylene composite offering extraordinary levels of impact resistance, light weight and high stiffness. The 
magnet systems are equipped with heavy copper rings and a solid copper phase plug which reduce flux modulation and 
eddy current distortion.
-Curv cone
-Solid copper phase plug
-Stiff and stable injection moulded metal basket
-Large windows basket
- magnet systems are equipped with heavy copper rings
-goldplated terminals
30mm High level Tweeter
High performance 30mm soft dome whith resonance frequency and high power handling makes this dome the ideal 
tweeter for 2-way speakers. The usage of dual neodymium magnets as power house ensures an almost perfect
magnetic screening for demanding applications. The low distortion and the smooth and extended frequency response 
combine extreme details and dynamics into making this dome perfectly match the midwoofer .
Waveguide technologhy
To further optimize this tweeter we use a waveguide that not only increases sensitivity and lowers distortion . The perfectly 
matched waveguide is optimized to offer a perfect dispersion pattern all over the high frequency range. It has been 
developed to achieve the perfect balance between optimal energy dispersion, optimized crossover point and best high 
frequency performance. The best possible compromise between spreading/efficiency/distortion. This makes adapting the 
speaker to various listening rooms very easy.
Crossover incl Mundorf
The crossover is an advanced Linkwitz/Riley type, with 12 and 18 dB/octave slope for midrange and tweeter, which offers 
minimal phase shiftings and good transient response. The filter uses MOX resistors, air wound coils and top notch
capacitors from Mundorf. The internal cable is 99.99% pure copper whitch reduce the resistance to minimum. To reduce 
skin effects and interferences we use several twisted cables for each conductor.
Choose Bassreflex or closed box
Size: H 424 x W 231 x D 374mm , Weight : 18kg , Impedance: 8 ohm , Binding post : Copper , Bi-wiring / Bi-amp 
ready , Bassreflex / Closed box , 300 W Short term IEC 268-5 , 120 W Long term IEC 268-5




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